Mississauga ranked 10th-best city for young people to live, most environment-friendly city: report

Mississauga has been rated as one of the much more youth-friendly cities in Canada.

According to the 22021 Urban Work Index, offered by RBC, Mississauga was rated as the 10-best city for youth to live in, based on 11 elements, including city economic situation, climate change, the expense of living, digital gain access to, education, and learning & training, business spirit, equity & addition, excellent young people work, income generation, public health, and mass transit.

Based on the findings, Mississauga was placed as the best city in the nation for climate adjustment, based upon the truth the City has the most public charging stations for electrical automobiles, in addition to the second-best city for making use of recycled materials.

Furthermore, Mississauga was placed 2nd for entrepreneurial spirit, and also 8th for public transport.

Further, Mississauga ranked just 15th when it came to the overall cost of living, which was dependent on eight factors, including average debt, cost of goods, cost of public transportation, cost of rental housing, cost of the apartment, cost of menstrual products, cost of a cellphone plan, and cost of high-speed internet.

“COVID-19 has made the future of work as a young adult seem even more precarious than usual,” Robert Barnard, co-founder of Youthful Cities, said in a news¬†release.

“As governments and corporations are getting ready for post-COVID recovery, there is a great opportunity to create a blueprint for more inclusive and accessible work in our great Canadian cities. We hope the 2021 Urban Work Index will inform and inspire that dialogue to start now,” he¬†continued.

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