Family prepares to open cannabis retail store in Bradford

Schmidt family, which owns pot store in Stouffville, anticipates to open brand-new store in April or May

Bradford might be getting its own pot store if the family behind the Stouffville store get its method.

The Schmidt family will be applying to open a cannabis retailer in Bradford following the opening of One Plant in Stouffville.

One Plant Bradford will be found on Holland Street West near the LCBO, Ethan Schmidt said.

The Schmidts haven’t gone through the main application procedure to get a licence yet, however the projected opening day will be in April or May.

” It’s an extensive quantity of interviews and paperwork and licences,” Schmidt said.

The Schmidts won the Alcohol and Video Gaming Commission of Ontario lottery for a licence to open the Stouffville store.

Effective Jan. 6 the AGCO started accepting retail operator licence applications from interested applicants without a lottery system.

One Plant started as a U.S. chain of cannabis dispensaries before moving into Canada. The Schmidt family has actually signed a management agreement with One Plant.

” We had zero experience in the marijuana retail market, so One Plant type of helped us with the design of the shop and, really, the ins and outs of the cannabis retail market,” Schmidt said.

The main focus of the family’s shop is the dried cannabis flower and entire bud, which can come between one and 15 grams.

” Whatever comes prepackaged, which is nice because you know that when it’s packaged, once it’s sealed, there’s going to be no manipulation with your flower,” Schmidt stated.

The store also has numerous other products, Schmidt included.

Schmidt stated anybody who might have some issue about a marijuana retail store concerning Bradford needs to attempt to be open up to the concept.

” Even if I was against cannabis, I would much rather keep it within a controlled area, in a regulated store. No matter whether you’re going to have a retailer or not, individuals in your town are still going to obtain marijuana,” Schmidt stated.

The sale of cannabis is regulated, Schmidt said, so consumers understand what they’re getting.

” You understand the item that you’re getting is under quality control, it’s (a) safe product. You know what you’re purchasing is what’s on the label,” he said.

Bradford resident Sylvia Fader said she mores than happy there will be a cannabis retailer better to house so she doesn’t need to travel to get cannabis items, which she uses for health factors.

” I had my thyroid eliminated in 2015 for cancer,” Fader said. “I have actually developed a few other ailments due to the fact that of that. I have a great deal of joint discomfort and insomnia.”

Fader stated she utilizes CBD oil throughout the day and THC oil at night from a medical cannabis dispensary.

“I do have actually dried (marijuana) in the house here also to utilize at bed time,” she stated.

Fader stated before her medical concerns occurred, she might have protested marijuana.

“Now, I think individuals just need to educate themselves much better so that they’re not scared of it. Like any substance, it can be mistreated and overused so that education has to occur as well,” Fader stated.

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